Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a


Kith + Kin Coffee

Kith + Kin Coffee Shop in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, is where the community gathers over artisanal brews and sun-kissed views. A cozy haven for locals and travelers alike, Kith + Kin celebrates the bond of family and friends, serving carefully crafted coffee and freshly baked delights in a setting that feels like home.

Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a

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Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a
Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a

Kith and Kin Coffee offers a serene outdoor seating area, where guests can savor their brews amidst gentle breezes and the ambient hum of nature.

Kith and Kin Coffee delights patrons with its array of fresh-baked goods, each one a perfect companion to their artisanal brews.

Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a
Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a

Mornings on 30A beach are elevated by the gentle embrace of a warm coffee, as the sun graces the horizon and waves whisper promises of a new day.

Kith and Kin Coffee radiates a family-friendly atmosphere, where every generation finds a comforting corner amidst laughter, conversations, and heartwarming brews.

Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a
Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a

Kith and Kin Coffee emerges as the quintessential hangout spot, blending cozy vibes with exceptional brews, inviting patrons to linger and reconnect.

Kith + Kin Coffee Shop 30a

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Local 30a Flavors

Kith + Kin Coffee goes beyond being just another coffee spot; it's a vibrant community hub that caters to diverse tastes and moments. From the carefully curated selections of aromatic coffees to the tantalizing array of craft beers, every beverage tells a story. But there's more to relish. The menu boasts a variety of fresh, delectable dishes that complement the drinks perfectly. For those looking for entertainment, a plethora of games await to challenge and amuse, while live music sets the backdrop on select evenings, filling the space with rhythms that resonate with the soul. At Kith + Kin, every visit is not just about refreshment, but an experience that harmoniously melds tastes, sounds, and connections.

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7525 W County Hwy 30A Suite 1, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

Our hours

6:30 AM – 2:30 PM
Monday – Sunday

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Phone: 1-850-267-8333